Amazon Digital Marketing

Amazon is already a powerhouse, but it is now expanding and you need to be prepared to better market your products. Amazon SEO and product promotion is key to your success - If you are not selling on Amazon already, you need to be.

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Amazon Strategy

Learn how to setup and optimize your Amazon listing
Do a competitive analysis
Track and setup PPC campaigns to drive
User Amazon Marketing Services to your advantage
Drive people directly to your Amazon pages

SEO for Amazon Products

Use unique product descriptions
Learn how to differentiate yourself to your buyers
Create copy that moves people to purchase
Polish your product descriptions
Promote your brand
Target product features

Product Optimization

Understand your competitors
Find the path to success
Determine how to optimize your prices
Learn to bundle products
Add high quality photos to each listing
Add short video that describes product

Amazon Paid Promotion

Link building to products
Press release on product
Vendor power coupons
Daily deals
Email review generation campaign


Amazon sponsored products
Facebook promoted posts
Pinterest promoted pins
Google AdWords

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