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It has been a pleasure working with Michael and Tom of iCita.  They created a marketing strategy, hired and managed a team, and ran it smoothly for over a year.  The effort paid off and we saw an increase in online sales of 95% for 2019.  Thank you!

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Thanks to Tom and his team for helping us produce results on our site.  We has two of our highest monthly sales after working together to do social media, PRs, content and website updates.  Really enjoyed the process.  

IX-EL, Inc.

Leadership Styles We Need To Know

Leadership Styles We Need To Know

The Three Styles of Leadership This is taught in marketing and business degree studies and is important. Born leaders are not those that are always at the front of the pack, because it depends what the pack needs that determines the leader. Good leaders know this because it isn’t about …

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Amazon Product SEO and Digital Marketing

Amazon Product SEO and Digital Marketing

Amazon continues to excel! With the purchase of Whole Foods and the growth of Amazon Prime, companies with products need to have a presence and promote themselves on Amazon. Here are the pros and cons of using Amazon, but also how you need to start your digital marketing plan.


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