About iCita

iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a digital marketing and app development company focused results-based strategies that meet the expectations of our clients. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2001, at the heart of the technological landscape in country, the company’s goal has always been to provide expert experience and support for our clients in all capacities. Both for profit and not for profit organizations have benefited from our executive-level experience and solutions.

Our client strategies and solutions have helped countless businesses gain a competitive advantage in an online world that grows more connected and crowded every day. Whether it is implementing CRM and digital marketing solutions for a national sales campaign or if it is creating mobile applications for the healthcare industry, we always bring experience and competence to every project.

Powerful marketing, digital and mobile solutions

You need a strong partner


iCita was founded over 19 years ago as a strategic leadership and marketing partner. Our work with non-profits is extensive, and our success in the for-profit sector is outstanding.


Strong vision and experience can create understanding. An equally strong strategy and plan create the baseline for growth and success.


Creating and executive level marketing strategies for effective prospect definition, sales qualified lead strategies, digital marketing, and marketing automation.


Understanding the technology wave through years of being a part of a growing industry. As technology advances, we continue to teach how to use it effectively to grow your business and constituency.

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