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Who We Are
iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a strategic design and development company focused on cloud-based technologies and strategic solutions in both marketing and technology.  iCita llc is based Colorado and founded in 2001 in Boulder, at the heart of the technology boom in the state.  At iCita, we listen to your needs, create a strategy around those needs, then implement exactly what you want.  

Our team of strategists and developers come from many parts of the world and many are bi-lingual - speaking fluent Spanish.  We use the experience we have gained over the past decade and a half to enhance how you communicate online with your customers and how you plan and implement cloud-based projects.   

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About the Founder

Mr. Thomas Smidt is an Internet Strategist and an advocate of using Cloud technologies to automate and enhance business communication. He provides strategic solutions to small and mid-sized companies helping to maximize the effectiveness of web-based interaction in their organizations. Whether guiding companies to reduce costs or designing more effective ways of increasing productivity and revenue, Mr. Smidt is always looking ahead to the future of cloud technology for solutions.

With a degree in both Marketing and Psychology, Mr. Smidt has improved and expedited key communication roadblocks for corporations in the United States and abroad including such companies as Worldspan LP, Qwest Communications, Boeing Connexions, Mile High United Way, Goodwill Industries, TapIt Water and Los Taxes Inc.

Prior to founding iCita, Mr. Smidt served as Vice President of Internet Strategy at QPax Inc. where he designed and implemented an online content-sharing system in the travel industry that is used today in several large travel reservation systems.

In his off-time, Mr. Smidt is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, skiing and mountain biking in many parts of the United States and world.